Remote Cyber Security Internship 2023. Apply Now

Remote Cyber Security Internship. Exciting opportunity to work remotely as a Cyber Security Intern with Brainnest, a leading business management and training company. Gain hands-on experience in identifying cyber security solutions, analyzing malware, and supporting business-critical projects. Apply now!

Remote Cyber Security Internship

POSITION: Cyber Security Intern


SCHEDULE: Part-time (10-20h/week)

About Brainnest:

Business Management and Training Excellence

Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, Brainnest is a dynamic and success-driven firm that provides management advisory and contracting services customized to help companies across various industries with their business management problems. Our team of professionals, including Ph.D. holders and highly skilled personnel, bring their practical and academic years of experience to the table to create a concrete blueprint on which our company has been designed.

Since 2020, we have been leveraging our deep industry experience, applying analytical rigor, and offering top-class consulting and training services for a wide range of industries around the world. With a well-equipped team, advanced tools, and modern methodologies, we help our clients become leaders in their fields.

Cyber Security Intern (Remote Cybersecurity Internship)

Opportunity for Cyber Security Intern

Our team is currently seeking a Cyber Security Intern to join us in the upcoming weeks. This position is ideal for aspiring cyber security professionals who are looking to work on business-critical projects and gain relevant work experience. As an intern at Brainnest, you will have the opportunity to learn and develop your cyber security skills while supporting our team in various aspects of cyber security solution identification, proposal preparation, incident management, and technical support.


To be successful in this role, you should possess the following qualities:

Strong Communication Skills: You should have excellent communication skills, with the ability to discuss and address issues with a wide variety of individuals and groups.

Content Production: You should be capable of producing content on time, with attention to detail, and have an emphasis on identifying and pitching to a target audience.

Team Player: You should be a well-organized team player with the ability to perform various tasks, act independently, and think creatively.

Willingness to Learn: You should be eager to learn and develop your cyber security skills, as this internship will provide you with valuable hands-on experience in the field.

Competitive and Proactive Attitude: You should have a competitive and proactive attitude, always striving for excellence and seeking opportunities for growth.

Professionalism: You should have the capacity to stay professional in stressful and dispute situations, maintaining a calm and composed demeanor.

Fluency in English: You should have fluent written and spoken English skills.

Key Responsibilities:

As a Cyber Security Intern at Brainnest, you will have the opportunity to work on various cyber security projects and gain practical experience. Your key responsibilities will include:

Supporting the identification of cyber security solution opportunities: You will assist in optimizing cyber security processes, procedures, organizations, and services to identify opportunities for improvement.

Assisting in identifying operational requirements and proposing solutions: You will support our team in identifying ongoing cyber security architecture and organization issues and proposing solutions to address them.

Assisting in the preparation of project proposals and plans: You will contribute to the preparation of individual cyber security project proposals and plans, working closely with our team.

Monitoring IT security systems and incident management: You will assist in monitoring IT security systems and responding to incident reports as they arise, gaining hands-on experience in incident management.

Evaluating log data, PCAP, and analyzing malware: You will have the opportunity to evaluate log data, PCAP, and analyze malware, gaining practical skills in cyber security analysis.

Implementing cyber security solutions: You will assist in implementing our cyber security solutions, working closely with our team to deploy and maintain security measures.

Updating internal team’s engineering knowledge: You will present analysis results to update the internal team’s engineering knowledge and contribute to the continuous improvement of our cyber security practices.


Providing ad hoc technical support: You will provide other ad hoc technical support to other teams within Brainnest, gaining exposure to various aspects of cyber security.


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