TotalEnergies 2023 Legal Internship Programme: [Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa]

Apply for TotalEnergies’ 2023 Legal Internship Programme in Assets & Insurance Assistance. This 12-month internship is based in Cape Town, Western Cape. Get experience in contract review, legal advisory, compliance, insurance, and assets management.

TotalEnergies is inviting unemployed graduates to apply for its 2023 Internship Programme in Cape Town, Western Cape. The internship application closing date is 29 March 2023.

Job Description

As an intern in the Legal, Assets & Insurance Assistance department, you will be assisting the Legal Manager with a variety of tasks including:

Contracts and Legal Correspondence

  • Reviewing all contracts entered into by the company and advising of any errors, unauthorized additions or removals, and discrepancies.
  • Liaising with company law firms on the above when necessary.
  • Drafting all legal letters produced by the company.
  • Evaluating all legal correspondence received from external parties and drafting replies.

Legal Advisory and Compliance

  • Providing legal advisory function to all departments of the company on various matters, including but not limited to competition matters and compliance with legislation.
  • Ensuring management stays up-to-date with all new developments in legislation and current events affecting the business.
  • Managing all company secretarial documentation in compliance with the Companies Act and King Report where applicable.

Insurance and Assets

  • Managing and submitting all claims against insurance and advising on optimal processes to substantiate claims.
  • Managing and submitting licensing requirements applicable to the petroleum industry.
  • Managing all legal documents and correspondence.
  • Maintaining a register of contracts and other legal documents.
  • Managing the tagging of mobile assets of the company.
  • Conducting due diligences of suppliers/HR/Sales.

Please note that validation of legal articles will not be possible in the position.

Context and Environment

The duration of the contract is 12 months.

Candidate Profile

To be eligible for this legal internship, you must have:

  • An LLB (Law) or other relevant degree or equivalent.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong people skills.
  • A dedication to quality and timely delivery of tasks.

To Apply for the TotalEnergies 2023 Legal Internship Programme click here

How Much Lawyers Earn in South Africa in 2023

For many people, becoming a lawyer is a dream career, often associated with prestige, respect, and a good income. In South Africa, the legal profession is highly regarded, with lawyers playing a vital role in the country’s economy and society. However, the question remains: how much do lawyers earn in South Africa?

Salaries of lawyers in South Africa vary depending on many factors, including experience, area of specialization, location, and employer. According to PayScale, the average salary of a lawyer in South Africa is R331,567 per year. However, this is just a rough estimate, and many lawyers earn far more than this figure.

How Much Lawyers Earn in South Africa in 2023

Lawyers who have been practicing for many years and have established themselves in the legal profession tend to earn the highest salaries. Senior partners in large law firms can earn as much as R2 million or more per year, while experienced in-house lawyers can earn upwards of R1 million per year. Of course, these high salaries are only achievable after years of hard work, dedication, and building up a solid reputation in the industry.

Another factor that affects a lawyer’s income is their area of specialization. Some legal fields, such as corporate law, commercial law, and intellectual property law, tend to pay more than others, such as family law or criminal law. This is because these fields are often in high demand, and clients are willing to pay a premium for specialized expertise.

Location is also a critical factor that affects a lawyer’s salary. Lawyers working in major cities, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban, tend to earn higher salaries than those working in smaller towns or rural areas. This is because the cost of living is higher in major cities, and legal services are in higher demand.

Lastly, the type of employer also plays a role in a lawyer’s salary. Lawyers working for large law firms or multinational corporations tend to earn higher salaries than those working for smaller firms or non-profit organizations. This is because larger firms have more resources to pay higher salaries and attract the best legal talent.

In conclusion, lawyers in South Africa can earn a wide range of salaries depending on various factors. While the average salary is around R331,567 per year, experienced lawyers in specialized fields can earn far more than this figure. The legal profession remains an attractive career choice for many young people, with the potential for high salaries and a respected role in society.


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